Nick Boswell – FAQ’s

What kind of sessions does your studio offer?
We offer in-studio sessions – casual or formal. Location sessions are available – usually early morning light or late afternoon sun is best.

Do you shoot in black and white?
All of our portrait sessions are shot in digital format. You may have your finished portrait in color, black and white or sepia tone.

Are the photos retouched?
After the session is done and your choice of images is made, we refine your image before printing. We will remove any noticeable blemishes and unwanted shine and wrinkles. Our goal is a beautiful and natural photograph that you will display proudly in your home – you will not looked airbrushed – you will simply look your best!

How should I dress for my portrait?
Logos, prints, stripes, plaids or busy patterns should be avoided because they are distracting. Please refrain from flamboyant bows, ribbons and hairstyles. To look your best, a natural and relaxed look is preferred. Proper clothing coordination is especially important for family group portraits. In general, we recommend long-sleeve garments – bare arms call attention to themselves in the portrait.

How soon will I be able to view my portrait session?
Within one to two days after your session, we will post the low resolution images to our website with a private password for your session – you may choose to share this password with family and friends across the United States and around the world. We have studio hours available for viewing the images on our large monitor – please call for an appointment to schedule your private viewing time. Due to storage issues, the digital images from your session are kept for one year and then purged.

Are our animals welcome in studio or on location?
Yes, pets are part of the family and are welcomed in our studio or on location.